Fun things

Here on this page we will add-on the strange, funny, weird or different things we see and do along the way.


Oct. 11 – When I saw this it reminded me of the old days in B.C. of being able to purchase furnace oil at the local gas station…alas no more (it also worked well in the old diesel work truck….. just sayin’)

Here on the island they tell me it’s here to stay due to older farm homes and cottages on gravity fed oil burners and heaters….

Oct. 5th – There has been quite a few interesting and somewhat different things on this side of Canada. We love the work that has gone into the bales and bales of hay at a Summerside farm in preparation for fall..


Sept. 24 – This must be a play on the english language but I was wondering if they make cement shoes, boots or overcoats…??

Sept. 23 –  If we every owned a motel this is the sense of humour we’d share with our guests as well – Northern Lights Motor Inn, Wawa, Ontario


Sept. 21 –  Tracy was thought maybe this optical illusion might fool some.  Either I am backing down the highway or the truck is…

Sept. 19th – So today we continued to run into different types of vehicles carrying different loads.  We are still working on what this one was….

Sept 17 – In the hotel in Strathmore, Alberta we found this on the top of the toilet tank…..

Any guesses what it is used for?…


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  1. Not sure what the hell that’s used for, maybe I should stay away from Alberta?

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