Do you know your number??

Off we went up island on our bike Saturday to participate in the Ride For Dad.  Drive to encourage checking your PSA and fight Prostate Cancer . (Did you know that more men die from prostate cancer than women do of breast cancer? Neither did we until now…)

Ewen does know his PSA number as he has been checked in the last year.  Hope you encourage yourself or the one you love to make sure they, “know their number!”

Thank you for all your support and pledges….

eir number….regardless of age!”


Anything for BINGO…!!

Since we have located a few photos of way back when, we couldn’t resist posting this picture and a bit of the story behind it.

You see, back in the early 70’s Mom and Dad wouldn’t allow the boys to own or ride motorcycles (to their knowledge).  Then came the baby, Ewen who was incessant in wanting a bike.  About a year after getting his licence Ewen bought a parts bike from a friend, a Suzuki T-200 two-stroke and with the help of brother-in laws Mike and Frank, got it back together and running in just 3 months.  Smoke billowing and noisy as heck but it was working transportation!

Offering everyone a ride on the new steed, everyone but the parents had a shot. “You’re not getting me on that death machine”, retorts mom, not!

Dad wasn’t much for the two-wheel machine and used his well-known comments like , “Just don’t kill yourself, your mother would be quite mad.”

Fast forward to the late summer of the same year.  Dad is late getting home from his day shift on the BC Ferries and Delphine is busy with her son and, well, she couldn’t get a life to BINGO in Harewood.  Taxi’s were not in her vocabulary unless it was one of her offspring.

Lightbulb!  “Wanna ride on the bike mom?”  I thought this was a way of breaking her beliefs in motorcycles and riders.  “No, just no!”    Alright I thought I will change the oil and tighten the chain and then I’ll be off to friends for the evening.

1/2 hour came and passed, chain tight, two-stroke oil topped up….kitchen back door opens and I hear, “Where is your spare helmet?”  and well the rest is history.  Mom rode on all of my bikes after that up and until I left for the mounties…..I saw her smile more than once on the back of the bikes – in my rear view mirror…….BINGO!


Now….with Marilyn on the back this time



Greening up for Christmas

Getting out the decorations and this year greening them up even more.  Changing over the 200 plus twinkle lights on each wreath to LED lights.  All done by the wonderfully talented Tracy.  We had these wreaths made a few years ago and LEDs were extremely cost prohibitive, now, not so much.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

What a patient lady she is!

Of course can’t be left out for long…..these two!



37 years later

It took only 37 years for me to get sister Marilyn on a motorcycle once again.  It was my first motorcycle and a bit rougher for wear. A Suzuki T200.  A project bike that took me 3 months to rebuild with the help of family members (mostly brothers in-law).  A full 21 h/p two stroke, mosquito killing, smoke billowing, leg burning, exhaust powerhouse!  Top speed was just under 80 mph (128 km/h)

First bike T200 Suzuki 247cc

I think Marilyn was about the same weight then as now.  Just under that of a wet jacket.  The helmets now are much bigger and safer and mandatory riding gloves and jacket – which took her a bit by surprise and voila~!

Never fell off once!

Kinda come full circle……


Happy Birthday twins….

Delphine and Dale turned 59 today….that means there in their last year of the 50’s.  I feel a BIG BASH coming on in exactly a year!!

Happy Birthday to you Both!!






Happy Birthday…

…to the love of my life!

57 years young

What the…….??

So there’s Tracy, sitting in the swing at the cabin and an Emu walks by. They’re supposed to be in their enclosure…..that would certainly play mind games if you weren’t exactly expecting it….owner on the way to put him back in his enclosure. Even Cate and Jack just stood there…..What is that again??

Kramer on the lam….

Hillary wrangling Kramer w… not an easy thing to do



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