So we are taking the next step in our life’s adventure. 

Buying a building lot in Nanoose Bay, now we are looking forward to all the planning, problems, frustrations, smiles, challenges that come with a project like this…

We watch the world spin and want to spin along in the hopes of learning something new whenever we can.

We are enjoying our life experience and having the chance to share it with each other and of course Jack and Cate is priceless!

We don’t consider ourselves  in life, in love, in touch and not wasting time wishing what could have, should have or would have been……

and of course we are still glad we get to share some of it with you!!!


6 Responses

  1. morning you two
    well here it is oct 5 and i am just getting to see your trip – made a decision to “make time” *and worry about the rest later* – this is great, brings back memories when mike and i moved to ottawa (we drove) – i am enjoying your adventure very much. will be back to review soon. much love june

    • Thanks and welcome to the journey…. certainly will keep you posted. You can subscribe on the side to the blog and it will send you an email when we add things…. Great hearing from you too!!

  2. Perhaps Rush Limbaugh might enjoy the climate…and the oxy-contin

  3. Hi Guys, we hope you’re having a blast! Thanks for the updates, what a beautiful part of the U.S. and it’s full of history! I hope to do a trip like that myself one day soonish, maybe riding my bike? Have fun and drive safe and Teddy says to look after them pups!

    Stephan & Teddy (aka Teddy Bear)

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