The long and winding trip…

We made it back.  From leaving the rental car at the agency at Honolulu airport until actually walking in our front door and home again was 22 hours.  It does put a bit of a damper on the return trip when a 10 hour return gets drawn out between security problems and oh, heaven forbid – snow in the lower parts of B.C. and Vancouver Island.

Never, after all these years of moving, traveling and getting around have we seen an area of a province that has such a hard time with mother nature in what the rest of the country calls “winter”.

A little snow slows a long way!

A little snow slows a long way!

Thanks everyone for the great emails and well wishes!  9 1/2 hours from Vancouver til we got to Nanaimo…(if we could have only predicted the weather… we could have brought the car to Vancouver (tongue in cheek)  Jack and Cate’s tail and stub, respectively, haven’t stopped wagging since we picked them up.  Just brightens the day doesn’t it!

As a last salute to our get away couldn’t resist the 5:15 am sleeping in the airport, call me if the plane ever leaves, Tracy pic….which she has not seen yet (tee-hee)

Call me when the plane leaves....

Call me when the plane leaves….

Sometimes it’s the journey, not the destination……but speed it up a bit would ya!

P.S – I would like to personally thank the TSA agent who so thoroughly and diligently stroked and rubbed all my parts until he was sure I was a safe bet to travel. (I won’t permit the x-raying of my privates for their personal entertainment)   I think he kept the gloves.

I will bet there is a video somewhere on YouTube of my “new friend” and me getting acquainted in front of God and everyone in security at Honolulu.  Tracy got x-rayed but after watching my entertainment segment did ask, “Do you need a cigarette before we go any further?”

Cheers until next time….



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