Made it….

So we took the plunge and headed up with a guide to the top of Diamond Head crater here in Honolulu.  Now not such a big feat for most but they forgot to tell us about the 99 final steps after the 1/2 hour ascent and the burro tunnel.

Believe me, Ewen thought he was big until he met some tourists coming the other way who should have required their own postal codes, tight squeeze.

Not only were the views awesome but the 50 mph winds kept us cool.  Stopping every 15 feet or so as Ewen said he had to tighten his shoes… more like catch his breath.

We were able to see a bit of the filming of Hawaii 5-0 “come up on a murder scene” in the crater.  They were also filming a plane chase up above us with a small Cessna 172 and a Cessna under-wing 402.  Free entertainment.  Didn’t get much of the action in except from a far and driving by with the guide security kept us moving.

We also witnessed one of the many beach weddings that occur here.  Have seen at least 1 a day and the latest walked right past us through the sunbathers to catch some pics on the beach.  A cute couple but not really a personal touch….oily bodies and kids screaming past splashing the poor bride and groom.  Mother of the bride was pacing back and forth and good we did not speak Japanese by the looks on some faces.

Dinner at Jimmy Buffet’s and ordered up a cab on-line.   He was at the hotel in less than 10 minutes after I sent a text – very cool.

After supper we walked back home, about 1/2 hour along Waikiki and in awe of the Prada, Swarovski crystal, Ugg (line up outside) Guess, Victoria Secret, Coach, Saks and so on.  Busy, busy at 10 pm no lack of commerce.  We noted the homeless on the beach and park benches, no hiding them away like most big touristy places.  Never felt unsafe.  Clean city with wall to wall hotels.

Tracy has located a Premium outlet mall with her “Shopdar” so we will be off there tomorrow and then more beach time.  Few more days left yet!

Aloha till our next post…..



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