Big drive…

Today we traded in our poor old rental car that just wasn’t feeling well and got a new one.  So decided to do the ’round the island drive and check out the shrimp trucks that you see on Hawaii 5-0 and people talk so much about.

Scenery is spectacular but the traffic unfortunately is too.  2 pm in the afternoon and you would think you were driving in downtown L.A. in some spots just crawling along.  People have a great thank-you sign here when you let them in though –


The majority of drivers give the “hang loose” sign, and yes we are sure these are the fingers they use…

The weather has been breezy but warm with lots of short warm rain showers.  We found a few surfer hang-outs where there was plenty of riders trying to get up and catch a wave.  We really enjoyed the dad who had his son on his board and let him ride in with him.  Great way to spend some time together.



This next place near Laniakea (North Shore, Oahu) where the local up and coming surfers take a shot..

Locals at Laniakea (North Shore, Oahu)

and we can watch from a distance…

Safely we might add

Safely we might add

Of course the scenery

surf @ Laniakea (North Shore, Oahu)

and those shrimp trucks, well we found ’em

Tracy digs in to the bibimbab (mixed rice) and garlic shrimp

Tracy digs in to the bibimbab (mixed rice) and garlic shrimp

Me not to be left out of course...

Me not to be left out of course…

Tomorrow we hope to make the hike to the top of Diamond Head – the word is hope.



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