Hi all,

After a few glitches along the way, the plane broke in Vancouver so 3+ hours sitting on the tarmac waiting for the “computer” to be fixed and then pulling off the headrest on my seat while adjusting it…..holding on to it dearly while we climbed to cruising altitude.

Had to give it back to the airline though, they said it was there’s!   Got a rental car with no oil in the engine and found out today when the engine screeched, and the grinding – so that’s what the little light is for, who would have thought?

We have spent the first day just getting used to the change in weather and sound of the ocean.  One day we hope to live back near or on the ocean, somewhere.  Headed to Harley after a great breakfast of Macadamia Nuts in bed.

Chocolates for breakfastThe local Harley dealer had what was to be the most expensive Harley we have ever seen.  $100,000 for a Screamin’ Eagle, wow!  Nice to look at, but not to sit on!


P1000217Of course off to Costco where it appeared there was a fire sale happening….

Costco firesale

but no, just the crew having lunch at the first, we’ve ever seen, outside food court at a Costco.  Picked up a few bottles of liquor and such @ a big savings from the hotel where a rum and coke is $10 plus tip and beer $9.  All the mixin’s for a beach picnic and great people watching.  This Costco was “CRAZY BUSY!!”

The GPS hasn’t really led us astray although Tracy says I still don’t take directions well…even from a machine….

It’s late and the screen is a bit blurry so will bid Aloha for tonight but wanted to share a picture taken off our balcony this afternoon looking down at the main strip of hotels in Waikiki…..






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  1. Nice enjoy, papers got, u 2have fun relax and enjoy :). ❤
    Love yous

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