Tradition starts at home…

Over our 20 years together we have one tradition at Christmas that endures.  The Festive Special.  Now in the beginning, they gave out Toblerone bars and Tracy really enjoyed those.

swiss chalet old festive special

About 6-7 years ago they changed to Lindor round chocolate balls.  Okay,  but not quite the same.  Tonight we took time to go out and continue our year after year tradition.

Then we thought if there had been any time we had missed it, and unfortunately there was.

Ewen was posted on a First Nations reserve in northern B.C.  As he was the boss and Tracy worked for the Mounties as well, she could not live or work there.  So Tracy lived in Terrace just a bit over 2 hours drive away in a 4×4 by logging road.  We’d see each other every week or two when we drove and met (usually 1/2 way) on the side of the logging road.  Tracy would bring groceries and a coffee maybe some tim-bits, but alas no festive special.

Sometimes we forget how lucky we are to have each other and understanding that over all these years we can still return to the traditions that although they may be small, keep us looking forward to the next year where we can repeat the tradition.  We will be.

New Festive Special

New Festive Special

Hope you have your own Festive Special type tradition at Christmas!




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