Grab time by the throttle…

Put together lunch with friends at a local Vietnamese Restaurant, then drop by an open house to snoop.  Costco list in hand we shopped for a few items in a “Crazy” crowded Costco.  Stuffed all the items on the bike (trunks) and off for a last of the season ride.
Grabbing the last of the fall before, like most of you reading this blog, winter sets in.  If you ever get the chance and you don’t ride, try it as a passenger for once.  Life does move along and either as the driver or passenger, fresh air and wind in your face…..cannot be beat.

Chilly, but still smiling…..

Forgot the tri-pod so each of us get one last pic of the season….great view!

Sharing the beginning of 20 years together…and we have just begun. It’s gonna be one Great year!!….

Grabbing life by the throttle, especially this year –

hope we get a chance share some of it with you!!



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