37 years later

It took only 37 years for me to get sister Marilyn on a motorcycle once again.  It was my first motorcycle and a bit rougher for wear. A Suzuki T200.  A project bike that took me 3 months to rebuild with the help of family members (mostly brothers in-law).  A full 21 h/p two stroke, mosquito killing, smoke billowing, leg burning, exhaust powerhouse!  Top speed was just under 80 mph (128 km/h)

First bike T200 Suzuki 247cc

I think Marilyn was about the same weight then as now.  Just under that of a wet jacket.  The helmets now are much bigger and safer and mandatory riding gloves and jacket – which took her a bit by surprise and voila~!

Never fell off once!

Kinda come full circle……



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