Circle of life – fish life

Took the pups down to Nanaimo River as it is beautiful and warm at 25 C today.  Place where Ewen used to swim and fish in his by gone days.  Only some German tourists having a snack on a log but otherwise peaceful.

Then over on the bank a few splashes and a beautiful and large pink salmon is trying to beach itself on the shore.  The Germans looked perplexed, Tracy and Cate are interested and Jack just doesn’t care.

’tis the beginning of spawning season

Tracy has never seen this event wherein a tired pink salmon, having done his natural duty heads for the shore and natural death.  I was able to walk over and handle the male who weighed in around 20 lbs.  The tourists in their broken english wondered if they could eat this fish?   Hey, I’m not a fishery officer and we are leaving – but he is solid and fresh…..

Eagles and smelly dogs rolling in the dead salmon will soon fill the air here.  Here is the spawning in progress –




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