…and now for something completely different.

There she was at 1:30 am, the love of my life just waiting for me as I locked up the truck and trailer a block away from the place we were staying at “for now”.  Two happy pups bouncing around in circles – perfect end to a very long day.

Now comes the unloading…..Frank, Nick, Taylor and Alexa along with Tracy.  Meet near the new place to discuss strategy.  The strategy is to unload so we can get the truck, trailer and moving pads back to U-Haul.

It has been average weather here, overcast mid 20’s most days.  Until the past few days.  Today +31 Celsius.  This is extreme heat for this part of the country.  With lots of coaxing, water breaks, pizza and subway sandwich breaks, more water and frozen freezie treats we make our way.

3200 sq ft of furniture and stuff into a 1400 sq ft place – seems like a simple task.

This big truck looked a bit daunting to the young crew…

Where did they all go? Union water break!

That one goes….

Freezie break….

…back at it!

Look there are still some holes for boxes…..

….and we finished in about 6 hours, give or take with our breaks.  Nick was happy to be able to close the truck door in celebration of the unloading.

Nick closing up the truck…

Thank you to Frank, Nick, Lexa, Taylor and of course Tracy….Team Move It 2012!

Delphine and Frank’s children were great in helping with this huge endeavour.  Tracy has started her new job so was unable to travel up to the Okanagan.

Together Tracy and I will spend the next week or two doing the usual unpacking, setting up, throwing away and repairing damaged items from the move.

And for something completely different – we have signed a one year lease on this place.

Thank you for checking in on us…… until next time, enjoy your summer and enjoy each other.




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