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You lost my what…. Part deux

Being reunited with stuff (and it really is just stuff) you haven’t seen in a year or so makes one realize what do you really need to get by – feel a big purge coming on!

9:40 am and the loading begins.  In order to save on a 3rd person loading I agree to do the “Bingo sheet” checking off the tag numbers to make sure nothing is missing, or at least most things are there.  Tracy and I had already come up with a list of 8 big items that will not be carrying on with us in our journeys.  They will be donated or go to the auction.  Leesa has brought travel goodies….diet-pepsi, couple pounds of cherries, 2 mega bags of kettle chips and two apples.

I told her it seems a bid odd, even though she has been on her own for years, that she would take up the role of taking care of me.  What’s this….another small bag of goodies not to be opened until my birthday…..inquiring minds!

Let the loading begin…

…at least we had some shade.

……..”yes hello, Gerald from Air Canada.  You located my bag on the tarmac at Vancouver.  It was left there when the ramp crew loaded the ongoing luggage.  Um-hum I see.  You will have it in an hour or two.  No you can deliver it, I do not have a car to drive the hour back to get it, …2 pm you say, fine.  Goodbye.”

“Ewen, we are running out of moving pads.  Do you have the trailer as there is no way on God’s green earth that you will get this all in ‘that truck’?”

Moving companies hate U-haul loads as they lose “A LOT” of money when you do it yourself.  Hence why we are doing it this way.

Off in search of blankets.  Oh the agent at the first U-Haul has now “found” more pads.  No trailer though.  Maybe one in Kelowna or Armstrong or Kamloops….couple hours away.  “…but I reserved all this stuff and checked yesterday by phone.”  “Sorry sir it is a long weekend”.  This statement is supposed to make it all better.

Leesa suggests the new U-Haul dealer at the other end of Vernon.  Off we go, the 10 kms to check it out.  Yep, there she is, a 6 x 12′ trailer and with a little luck it could be ours.  Next we call the 4 phone numbers on the window and we finally find the fellow who is on his way back.  He arrives.  Says he normally doesn’t do the rentals but he will try to help.

Now if you think I was getting a bit stressed, I was.  Not because of the back and forth and trials and tribulations of the day but rather…running out of time and it was a long weekend where “everyone” leaves Dodge (Vernon) at the stroke of 5 p.m.

The U-Haul fellow is not quite sure how to enter the information to get the trailer rental info.  He offers Leesa and I the keyboard and screen.  10 minutes later the trailer is ours….however.

No truck to haul it to the movers.  Other U-Haul wants $110 + HST to bring trailer 10 kms.  Back we go.  I rent a 16′ truck from the U-Haul dealer we rented the 26′ truck from for the day.  Go get the trailer, take the trailer over to the movers, return the truck, walk back to the moving company warehouse to continue the loading. ($65 for 1 hour rental)  Leesa had to leave as she is on her way to Prince George at 3:30 pm.

(Thank you Leesa you made this a bit less stressful… I know your poor little mini couldn’t pull the trailer – but it was worth asking wasn’t it?)

Leesa was great moral and logistic support!

Getting to be just after 4 p.m. and the movers are putting the finishing touches on the trailer…. just over 11,000 lbs of stuff.

Coming to the end of the load…but wait!

……but wait where are the things that are suppose to go to the auction/donation?   I see some parts of some things still in the warehouse and …….yep while we were running around ‘trailer herding’ some of the auction pieces were loaded.  Well they’re coming with us now…..

One more thing Mr. Harvie – your bag has arrived and there is the bill to settle…




2 Responses

  1. LOL – I read your predicted itinerary, and LMAO, thinking “Good Luck Mr. Harvie!” Ain’t moving grand?!

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