You lost my what… Part 1

So it is time to return one last time to the Okanagan to get the remainder of our belongings that are still stored at Cidel Movers in Vernon.  Plan is to make the return 1000 km trip in one day including the equipment rental and loading of the furniture.

Up at 4 a.m. – Tracy, still sleeping, slips silently into the passenger seat and picks up a few more zzzz’s while I drive to the airport in Nanaimo.  Same plane from Nanaimo to Kelowna with one stop in Vancouver for more passenger’s….so far so good.

Arrive Kelowna at 8:00 am and Roy is kind enough to be waiting to pick me up on his way to work in Vernon.  I’ll be right there Roy, I just have to get my bag.  No problem mate, I’ll be in the loading zone, see you in 5.

Just 20 minutes later, “If you could wait another 1/2 hour or so we may be able to locate your bag, after all these things can happen on a direct flight as well..?”  Mr. Air Canada I have to go….call my people with the update on the errant bag that holds my fresh undies and stuff…..and the adventure begins!

Diligently delivered by Roy and waiting at U-Haul at 9 a.m. when they open.  26′ truck – check, 60 moving pads – nope, 6 x 12′ trailer – nope.  Moving company who we are paying $120 an hour to load still waiting for me – and charging from 9 am – check.

Leesa is in Vernon visiting family and friends comes down to lend moral support – and locates 24 more moving pads at another dealer and brings them in a mini….the day is looking up.

Hey…at least we have the truck to start with.

Truck and pads to Cidel moving to at least get started….we will pursue the other items.  Record heat predicted in the +35 C range and above (it’s a dry heat here they tell me..)

Leesa comes to the rescue with more moving blankets




2 Responses

  1. It seems you guys have my luck when it comes to moving anyway? You can always find me by looking for that little black cloud (I’ll be the guy directly under that little black cloud). Good Luck with the rest of your packing/moving, it can only get better from here, right?

  2. Ditto Steve! I’m not surprised at all so far…

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