It’s about…..time.

Well hello everyone. ….

Been a bit remiss in posting, but this was intentional.  We want to update you so sit back, enlarge the screen print, enjoy yourself as we update what’s been happening and we expect to happen real soon.

Since arriving in the mid-island area we have been sort of busy.

We spent the first 3+ weeks in two different motels in Parksville, BC.  During that time we started our search for our new (for now) home.  Why for now?  We follow the real estate markets quite closely.  In realizing that these markets are not only cyclical but local in nature we have put on hold any building or buying for at least a year.

…but we digress.

Finding that the motels were adding up to over $2800 per month we went in search of a short-term rental.  Not to mention we have furniture, supplies and a motorcycle in storage….. ca-ching!

We had our own Show and Shine outside one of our motels

Yes, we have had offers of basements to stay in and homes to visit but we are a bit independent and with two dogs we wanted to ease into being back rather gradual like.  We have appreciated the offers.

So now at this point we have driven by about 100 rentals between Ladysmith to Qualicum Beach.  Walked through 3 and were stood up by one management company completely.  Renting out the property the day before our scheduled showing…but failing to tell us.

Burnt up 4 tanks of gas and innumerable discussions on whether this or that one was right (for now.)

(back to the short-term rental)…Tracy located a little wood cabin on 1.5 acres in Cedar near Nanaimo.  So off we went for the standard interview that is required by local owners prior to a showing or completing a rental agreement. (no handshakes here).

Our little place in the woods

On the property there were 6 various and beautiful parrots and Macaws along with two, very full sized Emu’s.  Now if we were willing to cut the grass and maybe keep a bit of an eye on the Emu’s while the owners spent the next month or so moving their stuff from this property – we were in….  Oh and the rent will be $$ (a bit cheaper than the motel) – sans parrots who have moved on.

Kato hanging out on the porch

Our on-site Emu’s – Lucy and Kramer

…….and if you would like to see the Emu’s as we hand feed them and Jack learn’s a valuable lesson then please click on the link below…

……..So we moved in to the cabin on the third week of June and here we are until July 16th.

Now on July 16th we will be moving to a house in north Nanaimo for 3-4 weeks to house-sit for a couple who belong to the Blue Knights.  A police/retired officers motorcycle club we belong to.  Timing is everything.  They needed a house sitter and we needed a place to call home.  We passed inspection with them last evening and so we’re in like flint.

……and today we met with a couple who we have been negotiating with for a rental property in south Nanaimo over the past week or so.   Happy to say that after this couple takes possession of their newly acquired property, we will be the first tenants!  We have found our new home, for now.  Here is a link to the place from the realtor’s site…gives an idea of what the place looks like.  August 1st is our move in date so we will be between the house sitting and our new place – Wahoo!!

Here’s a link to pictures of the new place-

…but wait.  There still is the moving of our furniture from Vernon, the motorcycle from Kelowna and our travel supplies from storage in Parksville – no problem – we hope!

Now to boot we have had a few creepy or coincidental things happen over this time – so we will post them on the next post. Which is behind this post so just scroll down…..

……………and thanks for reading and keeping in touch!




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