A long and winding…

Well hello there.   Welcome back.

We’re here in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.  Over 1/2 way in our adventure to Vancouver Island.

Other than the unhappy motel owner in Ontario who considered Cate a big dog and wanted more money for us to stay and his screaming wife…. (ooowwee..) we`ve had a pretty awesome yet uneventful drive.

Musical dogs….Jack one vehicle one day and Cate the next but we have figured out who their favourite riding partner is….

Tracy’s car telling her she was on 0 miles to empty outside Winnipeg, just enjoying the drive too much I guess.  Thank goodness for St. Anne’s hamlet Co-op gas station off that gravel road.  We hi-5’d at the pumps knowing we should have been pushing the trailer and car…..

Bugs, the blood sucking no-seeums, horse flies and mosquitoes …..the usual traveling companions in Northern Ontario and Quebec….of course some motel owners who know how to overcharge for every little thing in the middle of nowhere…..but that is part of it all we keep telling ourselves  ;o)

Here is a bit of a photographic montage of half-way or so….and the trip continues……..

see you soon…….




2 Responses

  1. Keep that sense of humor. A long trip needs it.

    • Thank you. The humour just seems to just come… You will have to ask Tracy about going into Tim Horton’s in Woodstock NB and being so long that the police were called as our vehicles and trailers seem to bother some one on a side street…..she was hungry and wasn’t losing her place in line!!

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