and so starts the next chapter….

Lots happening here right now with Leesa and Stephen here in two days for a visit.  We’ve started the moving process, pre-packing, selling off a few things we needed while we were here and thought we’d take to the new (now non-existent) house.  PEI is awakening from its winter sleep and the sun is taking over the clouds, but it still remains around 5 C in the day and in the minus categories at night.

Headed off to Moncton on Tuesday to take the bike to the Harley Dealer there for shipping to BC.  Apparently no,  and I mean no motor-cycle shipping company will come to PEI unless you are a dealer.

Out of winter storage in Ch’town…

Confederation Bridge in the background – beautiful day for a drive

While heading over the Confederation bridge we remembered that this was the start of the spring lobster season today and Tracy got some amazing pictures while we moved along.  Here is a lobster boat catching bait fish for their use in their traps….

…hence the gulls following for lunch

We took a different road that headed for Sackville, NB and Nova Scotia.  Three provinces in one afternoon, not bad.

For all you CBC fans we discovered an amazing array of wires and antenna outside Sackville, NB which resembles the radar system used by the British during WWII as radar on the cliffs of Dover.  They are in fact how CBC broadcasts to the world through shortwave and single sideband.

Like most photos this picture doesn’t do the size of the project any real justice. It is amazing!!

Into Moncton and a very helpful Harley Dealer that has agreed to hold onto our bike until the shipper comes to pick up the bike.  You see the shipper only gives a 7 day window for pick-up so we had to find a place we could trust with our bike and had the loading dock capable of handling a semi-trailer unit…..part one done!

Toys for Big Boys in Moncton, NB

Now we couldn’t travel the confederation Bridge without a picture…..

Still gives us goose bumps driving over….

….on to part two!!




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