Met her match tonight..

Sitting on the deck enjoying this chilly but clear night with the pups sticking close by.  The floodlight on to the keep the foxes on the edge of the property when….I think Cate and I saw the eyes in the light at the same time.

She was off and into the darkness then came the screams….we’ve heard these before but this time closer and with fervor!  Even Tracy came out from inside the house thinking something had happened.  Three screams after we lost sight of Cate.  A come back command and she appeared in the distance running back, no injuries…but the cries continued for a minute.

These were awesome and the foxes continued on…..

Off into the night... We heard several of the "Vixen screams..." click on the picture for a video of fox cries.
...very eerie!!

Jack stood by….just in case but stayed close…..good boy!



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