Left the snow behind…

Left Saturday morning just in time to learn about another 8″ of snow hitting the island.  First night was on to Bangor Maine and of course Stephen King’s house, but first we had to get through Customs in St Stephen, NB.  5 hours or so from Ch’town.  Stopped to take a picture of this 1 person operation of a border crossing and they don’t like you taking pictures of them, only them taking pictures of you…….20 questions later we were on our way.

Don't take pictures here sir.....we do the picture taking!

This cool car did a U-turn just before going up to the customs booth...teasing the agent.

Stehpen King, the master of horror writing - his residence and library (White house) in Bangor, Maine

Fellow jogging by says....let me take a picture of you both and ...voila!

Plan of attack coming together for shopping at Kittery outlet mall just on the way...of course, tomorrow morning.

Blue Knights World HQ Law enforcement motorcycle club in Bangor

One of those roadside pit stops at an off road gravel pit...Can you find Cate??




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  1. Some nice shots!

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