It’s taking it’s toll…..$12 so far, and the gas!

There’s some deja vu on this trip for us.  In 2008-09 we made the trip around North America in our motor-home.  Life makes so many memories that we had forgotten some of the places we had already seen…..until you see them again. Like in Lorneville, NB where we stayed in the parking lot of a rural Wilson Gas bar and where they only spoke French to us but because we tried in our broken french to communicate they did let us stay overnight on the grassy patch…..

We parked the coach just on the grass where Tracy and the pups are ....

Then there are the tolls…..forgot about them… $1 here $2 there and one part of I-95 where we paid $2 then exited onto a side highway 1 mile later…

….see the average gallon here in the states is $3.98.  The US gallon is smaller than the Imperial gallon but with Tracy doing the math (’cause she is better at it).  We have calculated the following:

Canadian gas is presently around $1.40 a litre

Canadian gallon is 4.55litres  ($6.37 per gal) vs. US gallon is 3.785 litres  ($5.29 per US gal)

Our tank takes 20 US gallons or 16.65 Imperial gallons…..sooo    $80 US to fill our tank costs $106 in Canada and with exchange at 1 cent difference, every third fill-up is Free!! (so to speak)…woohoo!!



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