Snow gone, Spring here, Jack to vet…..Road trip!!

Prior to our road trip to the USA tomorrow, one of our must do’s was to get the pups checked up and ready to go.  Of course Cate has had her share of time in at the Vet College but now it was Jack’s turn.

We do speak a lot about Jack, our little rescue and his anger/rage days which are behind him.  Lots of love, training, more love and friends and families that understood what minor brain injury did to him.

Off to the vets and time for a medical, military style with student vet intern and our favorite vet Dr. Ling overseeing the processes.

Jack is patient....literally

It came to the final and delicate process of cutting Jack’s nails, even though he has been digging frantically all year-long his nails usually out grow him.  For most of us it is usually a small task especially if you start at a young age which we do with all our pups.  Jack we started at 3 months.

Should be simple enough except for Jack who, as he has gotten older, cannot process this procedure in his head.  Glands checked, thermometer where the sun don’t shine, teeth checked and rubbed but the nails….not on your life.

Sedate him, tie him down are a few suggestions over the years but we choose to muzzle him.  It is very time-consuming as poor Jack’s brain goes off in spasms and he recovers about a minute after each nail is done.  We have chosen this over sedation as it is really better for his health and once the muzzle is off he is very forgiving and tail wagging within 1 minute.   It is probably the most unpleasant thing we have to do with him but we now have a clean bill of health (and certificates) to send us on our way.

Muzzle on for everyone's safety and well-being

A very caring and patient Dr. Ling chasing Jack's next nail....he is a very strong dog for a little guy.

……and after getting home we all needed a bit of a break….


Yep, tomorrow we leave for the U.S. of eh!!  and will be posting almost everyday as we make our way south on our spring break to Harley Davidson factory in York, PA, Penn State University, Hershey Chocolate factory and maybe a few  factory outlet stores (so I have been told by T)  ……

U.S. of eh!!



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  1. Have a great trip!

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