Winter out….Spring in….riding weather maybe??

It’s been an interesting winter here on PEI.  Really no heavy snow to speak of in the beginning.   March came in like a lamb but is going out with a roar…..a big ROAR!  We had +23C  just last week and 3 days later a winter storm of gale proportions, enough to even close down the banks and grind government to a stand still…..

It was a miserable storm but we made it to the bank...what is this??

Driving was a bit slow and vision was obscured when the gale blew…..

Not a lot of traffic on a Tuesday morning....

Home snowy home..

But now spring is really supposed to be here

so with the sun shining

we headed out on our annual sojourn to a motorcycle show – which this year for us was in Charlottetown ….

Bike show entrance....

Look's on sale!

This sight just warms the cockles of our hearts...spring riding is nigh!!!

A little sport bike humour...

Shiny toys


Road trip coming up…….




2 Responses

  1. Hi there,
    The medical situation here on PEI really is lacking. I do have a chronic health condition, and it is the one thing that makes us want to return home.
    It’s too bad, as PEI has so much to offer, and we really love it here.

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