Road trip….roll up the rim

Just a few days ago we decided to take a road trip to Moncton for a few items and to get in a drive which we always enjoy.  The plan involved Costco, Princess Auto, Harley dealer and Toys R Us.

Simple enough until the weather took a turn and snow came down in the amounts of around 1′ or so in 24 hours.  Thinking that spring was on the way we had already made the plans……unfortunately as well Tracy turned her knee while walking the pups and slipped on ice.

Was going to delay the trip but Tracy being a trooper and antsy to get in a trip put her knee up for the night with heat and ice.  Knee brace the next morning and we were off…

Speed reduced on the Confederation Bridge due to foul weather and don't want to be slipping off when you're 300' above the sea!

It’s about a 2 1/2 hour drive from Stratford to Moncton and due to the fog not much to see on the bridge or anywhere along the way.  Love the GPS

Driving in the middle of the Northumberland Strait...Recalculating!!

Once there we hit Princess Auto which is an automotive and mechanical supply store for overage kids….


Got to Moncton Harley Davidson to check up on the new model called the Switchback and talk a bit of shop.  Off to Costco and 2 carts later we hit the parking lot to load our booty, rather tightly into the Edge.  Toy’s R Us for Tracy to pick up a few items and then homeward bound….

Catching up on a few ZZZZZZ's

Weather a bit better on the bridge on the way back...

….so what was so great about this post other than the fun driving and the trip itself.  Well we stopped for a coffee at Tim Horton’s on the way back at a place called Borden-Carlton where the bridge connects with the mainland.

Well the picture speaks for itself….

Who wouldn’t be happy!  Gas and bridge toll paid for………



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