If you have been following the plight of poor Cate this is the follow-up, so to speak.  If not well she injured her right front leg and has been on the mend for a couple of weeks.

Off to the Atlantic Vet college for a follow-up and while she is there a check up and shots….of course Jack tagged along for the treats.

This is the first vet office where these two actually pull on their leash to go in not to get away.

Headin’ in for a checkup

As a matter of history with Cate she usually gets the Full Monty check-up and this time was no exception..

Can we just get on with this....please.

Of course watching from (under) the cheap seats looking for anything that might be considered a treat is…..

Just Jack....

So with great news about Cates knee recovering very well and full bellies of treats – we headed out home but while paying we found out that the supervising Vet who is not in the pictures made a decision!

Since Cate and Jack have been in a few times she felt that we should be rewarded and gave Cate a …

… anal gland cleaning!!!

(hey it saved us a few $$ so we were appreciative)



2 Responses

  1. Bonus for wallet, but not such a bonus for Cate .. 😉

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