Speed recycling…

Took a couple of months but we finally saved up enough cans and bottles to undergo another entertaining trip to the recycling depot to get our money back and yet to get our money’s worth!

First time there we were more than impressed by the politeness and speed of the fellow sorting our collection of returned items.  Now this is all done by hand in an unheated warehouse, all day long, by 3 different employees.  This time we made sure we brought along our camera to get a few frames of this action.

Emptying the items to be recycled...on your mark!

So before we took the video we had asked what brought this fellow to this job.  He gave us a bit of his background and then ended with, “I used to fill these bottles for years around here, now I just count them.  Can’t seem to find a job that pays as well as my bootlegging days.”   and with that he began his job…

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