Stratford’s got winter and a carnival too!

Hard to decide what events to take in when there is so much planned for Stratford’s Winter Carnival.  So we attended indoor soccer and then a multi-cultural event at the Community Center, you know the one with the free gym.   A padded fuzzy soccer ball, who would have thought?

Although we are somewhat paying for the after results of a great variety of foods we sampled…honest, it’s the dog not me that did that……

Spent a few hours taking in the dancing, singing and presentations made by a variety of cultural clubs from PEI.  Youth to elders were well represented and a very lively atmosphere…… now we’re waiting for the spring festivals, like the lobster season!!!

Winter festival gathering with free food!!

Program, get your program here!

Tracy @ the winter festival with her new friend

Chinese Snow and Plum Blossom dance

Wales table and our favourite tea cakes

Sharda Gupta on the Harmonium

Step dancing - with crowd participation!

Vanessa Bernard and her dad played up a storm! (with crowd participation once again)

So we voted our foods as follows:

Spiciest – Bhutan

Sweetest – Chinese coconut dough balls

Funkiest – Korean clear noodles and dim sum

Tea time – of course, Wales!

………….and all this was FREE!!



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  1. welsh cakes – would have been on my top “one” !!!! love june

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