Living in Souris is not having to say you’re Surrey…

Since we decided on Islander day to seek out a new place to visit we chose Souris – (pron: Surrey).

Of course you all know of the history of PEI, or at least some but the Mi’makq settled on the Souris River with the French arriving around 1720 to take up stakes and create an Acadian settlement.  They were sent packing by the British in 1758.  Our family roots do trace back to the Mi’makq but due to loss of church records and length of time we are still searching for some information.

Now Souris also is the gateway to the Magdalen Islands.  A place where we hope to travel to this spring/summer.  We will have to brush up on our conversational french.  Ferry rides last about 5 hours one way and return trip in a vehicle is around $130.

If you have been a regular follower of our little blog you will know we love the ocean, and with Souris being at the head of the Northumberland Strait there is a lot of interesting nautical stuff to see and talk about.

All lighthouses here have historic significance

Souris lighthouse and keepers quarters

Love the lighthouses on the island

View from the other side of the lighthouse

Sleeping lobster fleet at the harbour front

Being very protective of their community we were followed by “Barry” as we drove around the waterfront and boat storage area.  So we stopped and spoke with our “tail”.  He had a great island accent, big fisherman’s hands  and was quite friendly.  Appreciative in discussions about our interests in his town and history.

New lobster pots just waiting for the spring season...

So not wanting to attract any more attention to ourselves in this village of 1,300, on this very chilly and snowy day we headed back home, planning for our next trip to who knows……

If you have an interest in the Magdalen Islands – here’s a link that might interest you:

P.S. – There is a saying in western Canada and in particular B.C. where it is said, living in White Rock is not having to say you’re Surrey.  -(Just in case you were wondering what the title was about… Cheers!)



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