Colours ? check, exterior ? – no check…

At one time or another we think everyone believes that sometimes they are the only ones who can design something, decide on something or make it just right for us (us/we being whomever is reading this post right now).

Each step along the way to building, replacing or renovating can be an adventure to endure, somewhat of a chore or time to be appreciated and enjoyed.  We are presently undergoing all of these emotions (if anyone is keeping track… ;o)

Our plans are to have 3 exterior finishings.  Cope Cod wood siding, stone and shingled gables.  In order to do something a bit different we are turning to the land, yep, PEI, for influence.  So what will this look like you may ask…?

Colours, textures...?? Good question

We’re thinking red soil, colours found in the sea such as abalone, oyster, mussel, scallops shells to name a few.  The mainstay of lobster mostly browns but sometimes found in blues.

Okay so now we’re getting hungry and we digress, our main goal on the exterior is to work with the landscape and existing houses in the sub-division.  Greens and blues seem to be the popular colours right now but hey if you have any suggestions to add to our list……. we are open to ideas!



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