House plans part two….

At the writing of this post we are still waiting the quotes from the local builders for our home to be.  So on to the second part of our house plans with the interior and the basement.

(Again these are Adobe PDF files and with little expertise you can zoom in or out to get clearer ideas of sizes and such.   Just click on the links to get to each one)

  • This view is that of the rear of the house with the master bedroom on the left and kitchen on the right.  The attic venting is done through ridge venting hidden at the top of the shingled roof.   Lots of windows and light with either double or triple pane windows.  Sheds are not allowed in this development so we have made a mini garden storage/garage in the basement, hence the small garage type overhead door on the right.

Rear of house

  • Second there is the side view from the rear of the garage and kitchen on left with stairs down to backyard.  This was missing from our Vernon house and was quite costly to add in later.  The stone work may not come back as far on the right depending on price/budget.

Left side of house with rear of garage area

  • Thirdly we have the basement.  We had mentioned that this is 1/3rd smaller than planned originally but still 1432 sq ft give or take.  There was a mix up in the labeling of the mechanical/furnace room and the storage room so just picture them reversed.  Storage is very big for most families and we have put it next to the mini-garage door for easier access.  The mechanical room will have all equipment vented to the outside wall saving the need for chimney stacks

Basement with storage

  • Fourth of course is the main floor.  Tracy has been working feverishly on the kitchen design to work with our laundry and mudroom area.  You may note that in order to get east light we will be installing 2 tall thin windows one either side of the stove vent in order to save on the loss of cabinets but make use of the light.  We are planning a fireplace in the corner in the great room to make use of the wall for better placement of the TV and a fireplace in the master bedroom at eye height so that when you are in bed you can still see and enjoy the fireplace….now where to put the TV??

Main floor with garage

The electrical blueprints are the next meeting we will have with Carter Jeffrey to work on wiring and plumbing so that these can be quoted on by contractors.

Any ideas?



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