It’s winter and so it should be….

We were lucky, Newfoundland in some areas received 50cm of snow in one night and 190, yes 190km/h winds.  We only got up to 110 km/h here.  The rain started Saturday afternoon and snow started disappearing, fast.  Like a fox with a stolen chicken, stage left.

Come 9:00 p.m. and the rain turned to sleet, heavy sleet, ice pellets to be exact.  Slamming the side of the house with enough force to scare our brave-soul pups into the bedroom for protection where Tracy was doing some writing.

Something started happening which we had not seen this winter, drifts of snow started forming around the front and back doors.  Out with the shovel and broom to start what would be a preventative measure if we needed to exit in a hurry.

Then the storm hit with all its fury….lawn chairs on the front deck should be locatable by late March in the woods with the shovel and broom jamming themselves into the railing, or we’d be looking for them too.  Out in the open like we are the visibility was about 5 metres or less…Jack is out there, honest!

Started up our small generator to make sure we had some back-up.  2 a.m. and sure enough powers gone, which included heat, light and water.  Probably ice on the lines or an errant pole is down.  We are used to this happening in other places from whence we came, we snuggled in and the winds picked up for a few more hours.  Power back on 3 and a bit hours later.

The results of this storm were a beautiful ice sculpture on our North windows, which are not normally frosted..

Heading out with our snow-thrower to make a frugal attempt at some of the heavy drifts and free out vehicles which will be a multi-stage event today.  They too are blown in and have frost as heavy as the windows ie: doors sealed shut.  As I said, making a frugal but valiant attempt at getting to the cars and making a path for the soon to be arriving Propane truck to our very expensive tanks that need to be filled (yet again)…and along comes our very reliable road clearing, new found farm friend Aaron with his John Deere….I encountered the biggest case of snow-thrower envy.

….but it’s winter and this is how we roll, except for this outfit!

Stay warm and safe!!


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