They’re having a Kitchen Party!….

We spoke about PEI’s Biggest Kitchen Party (this month!) .  We may have assumed that everybody knows what a Kitchen Party is.

The term “Kitchen Party” is well known in Atlantic Canada, but may not be familiar in other parts of the country or around the world.  Let us stop for a moment and explain what exactly a Kitchen Party is.

Way back in the day, before oil heating and electricity, the kitchen was the main room in the house. People would gather in the kitchen (where, often, the wood stove would be) to socialize. Kitchens were typically, the largest room in the house.

So, the kitchen was the life of the house. It was where you could be warm and enjoy food and drink. What else did you need?

Music, of course!

Well, often these frequent and informal gathering of friends, families, and strangers involved not only conversation, nibbles, and laughter, but also some really fantastic music.

Cue fiddles, pianos/organs, and any other musical instrument available (even spoons!), played by people of all ages. Cue dancing and hand clapping and singing and general good times.

A Kitchen Party could look something like this:

You may have also heard them called “Ceildh” (Gaelic). There are many Ceildh (pron: cae-lee) halls throughout the Maritimes, and you’re likely to hear music like this:

In the Acadian regions of Atlantic Canada they are often called Soirées from, of course, the French. Whether they are called Kitchen Parties, Ceildh’s, or Soirées, they are parties and great fun. In the Maritimes the residents here do not need much of an excuse to party and certainly open their music and entertainment to us all.

If you want to learn more or watch the streaming of the Islander’s By Choice Kitchen Party on Feb 20th, here’s their link to their Facebook page –

Break out the spoons Tracy!……….


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