Some plans are just worth waiting for

Well after all the excitement of the past week with Leesa we had promised to post a few of the drawings of our new place that we have designed and have worked with a great drafting CET – Carter Jeffrey.

We invite everyone to look over the plans which we’ll post in two posts so as to not overwhelm servers and keep you up at night… 😮

These are Adobe PDF files and with little expertise you can zoom in or out to get clearer ideas of sizes and such. (just click on the links to get to each one)

  • The first is self-explanatory but Tracy says there should be enough pavement to land a small  Cessna airplane on…and the house on the left has not been built yet, it is there just for reference to sight lines for the view.

Overview of the lot, house placement and driveway

  • Second we have the front with stone, Cape Cod siding and cedar shingles in the gables with false windows in some gables

Front of house from street

  • Third we have an interesting cross view of the front from the master bedroom side.  This was done to show the builders bidding on the house how the footings go.  Why?  some of you may ask.  In PEI there are not many calls for a 2/3’s basement and there would normally be a foundation under this area.  We are reducing the sq ft of the house in the basement and in so reducing the foundation.  Savings in foundation and wasted (and taxed) finished space.  We have gotten some tilted heads when we first proposed this design but we think it’s catching on with them here, we hope.

House from master bedroom side view

  • Fourth there is the full side view again from the master bedroom side showing windows and siding for bathrooms, bedrooms and glass in the upper balcony.  Also the garage area.

Side view from Master Bedroom side

We certainly enjoy posting these and have appreciated the suggestions and comments to date.  If you have any suggestions please forward them on to use via email or whatever works for you.  As we get closer to really hiring a contractor and such our window for change gets smaller.

Our next post will show two more outside and then of course the upstairs and downstairs which include suggestions from friends and family as did these outside drawings.

Keep your suggestions coming!




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