Sneakers and turnips – one stop shopping

I have been going to physio as most know since surgery in December.  Since most of our belongings are packed and not thinking I’d need a real decent pair of gym shoes, I packed them too.  After my 3rd visit with my physio Tom in Ch’town , he made conversation of my unique style of sneaker I was wearing on the stationary bike.

The Merrell hikers, dark brown with Adidas shorts and white ankle socks, I thought, made quite the style statement.  So did Tom but he was very adept at suggesting that maybe I really wasn’t getting the best posture or seating of my feet on the bike with those shoes.

Now in all fairness to Tom he was more than willing to suggest different sports stores where I could get a great pair of sneakers, at a great price.  So I wait – SportChek?, Sport Mart?, Forzani’s?, The Running Room?…. but wait Hashem’s corner market and Asics dealer.  I had worn Asics tiger shoes in my past (long past) running days and loved them.  But as you know age make things bigger including your foot posture and Asics (in the 90’s) didn’t make a wide shoe.

They do now says Tom and gives me the address, roughly – go here across from here on Fitzpatrick.  Tracy and I head there and sure enough this small unassuming store sits on the corner advertising groceries and Asics runners.

Greeted by the owner of the store we pass by a crowded but orderly grocery area into the back where there are ample styles and sizes to choose from.  Running gear and socks and shorts.  The gentleman asked a few questions, left and came back with two styles and sizes.  Wow, haven’t had a shoe fit like this in ages and he had supplied me with a pair of new socks, Asics of course  and threw them in with the purchase.  I knew these shoes were priced well but needing to really know I went on-line and learned that the same pair were $52 more plus shipping from Toronto (closest dealer).

It pays to talk to people who know our new town and the shops.  We probably would never have looked there, but this is part of our island experience that keeps getting better and better.


We didn’t get any groceries that day but we know where we will be getting our turnips and potatoes……Tom likes the new shoes!



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  1. I just love that small town thing!

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