Free, no way……. yes way!

Yes we have come to believe that there are two types of people in the active world, athletes and athletic supports (ers)?!  Both of us being over the age of applying for membership in the Canadian Olympic team fit into the later grouping.

We are not one’s to make New Year’s resolutions hence no one more thing to fail at….  We’ve been together over 19+ years and we’ve worked out (or not) in several different gyms and facilities. So we decided instead of paying physio therapy $60 per session for Ewen to sit on a workout bike, leg press and calf raises, we’d try the “free gym” that is located in the Stratford town hall.

Gym rules - click to enlarge any photo

Tracy getting ready

Stratford track and weights

Yes, we were skeptical at first but doing research and heading up there to look we were amazed.  As a resident you can use a 1/10 km in door walking/running track, different free weights, elliptical machines, universal gym equipment and if not in use the full gym facility including B-Ball, volleyball and floor hockey.

Gym open to the public

Free weights and equipment

The big stretch

Though he still heads off to physio to make sure every 10 days that he’s following a proper regime and the knee is doing as good as it can, this is another great reason for us to partake in what the community has to offer.

We can stand corrected but we don’t know of any community that we can recall that supplies free access to all these items for local residents.

Direction of the day

We were told that the town of Stratford believes in and practices health initiatives and prevention as part of a community healthy lifestyle and of course we agree…. what do you think?


Link to the website intro for the gym –



2 Responses

  1. Troops:
    Great exercise digs, but it looks costly.
    Since I’m currently fighting the BC Assessment Authority I decided to compare similar properties and started looking the property taxes in Stratford – ouch! It’s about triple of the same property here on the west coast island.
    The Stratford website says they are 1 to 1.5% of the value of the house although they use a Cost Of Living method vs. BC’s Assessment method, so using their calculator a $400,000 house pays from $4,000 to $6,000 annually.
    Here the same $400,000 house pays $1,675
    How’s the house building coming along?
    Methinks a Nor’ Easter calls for triple pane windows.
    Have you used you snowblower yet?

    • Hey there Barry,

      Glad to see you’re following us, thanks. Yep, taxes are taxes but in perspective we will be paying about the same as we were in Vernon, B.C. without the water view and the clean air and the services like the gym. If this property were in the rural area like yours the taxes would also be up to 2/3 rd’s less but we’d be paying to install/supply wells, septic, snow removal, waste collection, street lights, paved roads and so on.

      Also of note if you are a resident of PEI you are taxed at the 1% vs 1.5% for non-resident owners.

      Gonna review the building plans we just got yesterday and post a few on the blog. We are very excited.

      The snow came last night after being gone for over a week and some left, some snow stayed after a heavy rain into the early hours but yes, I’ve used the snow-blower a disappointing 3 times this year – was hoping for more…. ;o

      Good luck with BC assessment, you can do it!



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