Sometimes we repeat things…

Not often but sometimes so please bear with us.  A lot of our family and friends are not on Facebook so we do change the post a bit and repost – like this one.

Out for a quick walk the other night and couldn’t resist this shot…unfortunately or fortunately within 15 seconds of this picture Cate was mesmerized by her first encounter with a rather large male red fox…. Her herding instincts kicked in and after a couple hundred feet of pursuit and a fox that stopped dead in its tracks, ……..

……….. then Cate’s survival instincts kicked in and back she came, but it was a beautiful sunset!

Put the camera away too soon!

What was also exciting in this short time span was another neighbours much bigger shepherd mix was on the hunt for this fox and showed up about 1 minute later galloping across a field and down the road to no avail but with the neighbour in hot pursuit (Cate had enough)

Now that there is time to reflect it appeared that the fox may very well have been having the time of his life, waiting for this much bigger dog to catch up and Cate was just, well, a minor distraction you could say.




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