Winter wunderland…..

Choices in winter, stay inside and watch the world go by or go out and be part of it, right!?  So as we hurry up and wait for our house plans and assorted accoutrements to come together we have actually started back to the gym in Stratford…but that’s another post.

We have been regularly taking ourselves and in extension, the pups out to explore the winter here on the island.  Not enough snow for snowshoeing and cross-country requires the equipment, maybe next Christmas.  Don’t own a sled (aka: snowmobile) so hiking is most of what we do.  Ewen is recovering from knee surgery still and it seems to be a bit slower than he would like.

Off we went to traverse the Bellevue Cove area and though windy, chilly -15 and cloudy it was very enjoyable.  Have to be careful of the ice patches hidden under the grass and paths that are snow blown…..

Find the ice in the picture...

The cove has frozen over a few times this season but not until now has it fully encompassed as far as the eye could see.  Ewen says it reminds him of driving on the ice roads when he was posted up in the North West Territories and patrolling on the ice roads – sort of an original Ice Road Trucker!

The ocean is sleeping

So we made it for about an hour or so before Cate and Jack started holding up their paws after digging for shrews and lost racquetballs, my scarf was turning into a very handy kleenex and Ewen`s knee was complaining…. he was but he blames his knee.  I must say though that this winter, compared to winters we have experienced all over Canada except in the arctic, has been mild and just to mention the costs of heating one more time, we are glad!

Winter wunderland @ Bellevue Cove

Tracy and Cate with Jack

Ewen and Cate

Jack in search of his shrew buddies!!

Stay warm and safe….glad to have you here with us!



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