The things you learn from …..

The other day we made our traverse west to Hunter River to visit with our residential designer (architect/draftsman) to review the first set of drawings for our new home.  We met for 2 1/2 hours at his quaint heritage home on the river.  After the meeting we drove a block and down a pathway to the old mill.  This mill at one time was being restored and was to open in 2008 but this has not happened yet.

It is a remarkable piece of workmanship and appears to be in great shape.  It has a working waterway/spillway and generating wheels that were not operating at the time we were there.  The bridge across appears well-kept and the old machinery around the place made our photography brains work for the perfect photo.

It reminded us of an Inn in southern Ontario where we stayed years ago that is built on a river almost identical and is quite the posh set-up now called the Benmiller Inn. (see the links below the pictures)

So the things you learn by just taking a bit of a slower drive and we thought we’d share some of  it with you…



(The history of Hunter River)

(Link to Benmiller Inn)



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