What are the chances…really?

Went to physio today to continue working on recovering from my before Christmas knee surgery .  Pedaling away on the stationary bike and my physio says to another patient he is working with (and points in my pedaling direction), “20cm of snow in Vancouver today and this gentleman is probably happy to be here…patient turns my way, looks and says, ” Oh it’s you Ewen….”  James McNeill is my cousins  husband who lives in Ch’town, go figure.  Chat begins.

Later in the day we go to one of several local building suppliers who will be supplying the windows for our new place. Having a great discussion with the salesman, whom upon our departure asks, “Where are you living right now?”   “Bellevue Cottage estates”  replies Tracy, Charlie McMillans place.

“Charlie McMillan, Charlie McMillan…” repeats the salesman, “I know, my dad was just at his place repairing a washer a few weeks ago…”,  only went two places in one day and we knew someone in each place…c’mon what are the chances, really!?


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  1. Apparently the chances are good 🙂

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