Death and taxes…and other things

We had noted on Facebook a few days back that the Town of Stratford had announced that there would be no increase in residential taxes this year due mainly to increased growth in the region and proper budgeting.  We of course were glad to hear that as, if all goes well, we will be tax paying citizens by the fall here.

Now most of you reading this blog probably don’t know that one of the cities we had lived in, Vernon, B.C.  did this same thing late in the 1990’s and into early 2000’s.  With blinders on all those years resulted in an unheard of 10% per year increase for a few years playing catch up.  Vernon and residents are now the proud owners of the highest residential mill rate in the B.C. interior, still!

Here’s hoping this will not be the case here and being new we will learn.  You can read the article here:

….of course now that we are great land barons in PEI the speed to which we have already received our first ‘vacant land’ water and sewer bill was blistering in delivery.  Heck we only closed the deal on Dec 22 and it was registered we believe a few days later.  Bright and early, January the 5th saw our first utility bill issued and  in our mailbox now that is fast……



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