Levee ….?

So what is a levee?

Defined in several ways,

1. An embankment raised to prevent a river from overflowing.

2. A small ridge or raised area bordering an irrigated field.

3. A landing-place on a river; a pier.

4. A long ridge of sand, silt, and clay built up by a river along its banks, especially during floods.?

  • or as we have learned this New Years and in keeping with tradition on PEI it is a  reception of ten held in the morning; any miscellaneous gathering of guests, (circa:1672).  Practiced New Years day here on PEI.  There are tens of Levee’s held by church, Gov’t and private groups that are, in general, open to the public.

Schedules of these events are published or in the new age sent by Twitter or Facebook.  Here’s an example –


So did we get to one, unfortunately we were a bit late on this. We are learning tradition and culture bit by bit….. but there is still the largest one coming up Jan 14th in Charlottetown and it is now sold out….. we now have this year to plan!


…………….. Happy Birthday Tim!



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