How (our) time has flown….

Tracy and I every once in a while take stock of what we’ve done and what has happened in our lives.

One such life that has touched us is Jack.  For those of you who ‘don’t know Jack’  (pun intended).  He was a rescue from the Duncan, B.C.  SPCA pound where he had been found on the Duncan Indian reserve in the trunk of an abandoned car.

We took Jack in as a foster while he got over a collapsed lung, 5 bite puncture wounds and a partially blinded eye.  All results of dog attacks.  They called him a shaken pup and was 6-7 weeks old when we got him.

Where's supper mom?? - Dec. 2002

He progressed well and when we went to return him at 4 months old, as we already had two pups, the shelter felt he was too damaged and intended to put him down.  We were appalled and decided to keep Jack, who also suffered from rage syndrome and bit incessantly.  We also stopped fostering for the SPCA.

With the help of trainers, friends and people who knew about these things, it was determined after 6 years Jack suffered brain damage that had been undetected.  He was, after all, “just Jack” to us.

We can’t believe that he turned 9 this past December.  Into his retirement years Jack still has his days but has become a pleasant pup with quirks, like most of us.

Where is this post leading, well to this.  In our time together with Jack we have circumvented North America on a 9 month road trip, driven back and forth across Canada 3 times with many other distant road trips and yep,  Jack is still with us here in PEI.

Ever wonder sometimes where time has flown??


Still waiting after all this time! - Dec 2011



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