Some more PEI fun facts….

Boxing day shopping starts Dec 27th, most stores are closed on Dec. 26th

Buying property here requires you to submit to a debtors search, background check and references, similar to but not the same as a credit check (though they do those too!)

If you want to buy over 5 acres you must apply to IRAC which administers and enforces the PEI Land Enforcement Act.  Approval is not always guaranteed –

You can get your broken washing machine repaired within a day, house call included (yes this happened this week…)

There are a total of 125 RCMP members in all of PEI, there are 29,235 employees in the RCMP Canada wide. (9,500 in B.C.)

There are two lobster fishing seasons each year, one in the spring and one in the fall.

At one time, lobster was considered very common and not at all the delicacy of today.  Farmers often spread lobsters on their field as fertilizer.

PEI is 224 kms tip to tip

In 1972 the median age in PEI was 25.1 years, by 2011, this has risen to 42.2 years

As of July 1, 2011, Prince Edward Island’s population is estimated to be 145,855.  This represents a yearly increase of 2,460 persons and a 1.7 per cent growth rate. Prince Edward Island’s rate of growth for 2011 was the highest in Canada. The national growth rate was 1.0 per cent.



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