New Year’s Eve….Part 1

Traveled to Summerside to have a coffee and quick visit with our Aunt Helen.  Got to see her daughter Erin and her grand daughter Finley who has quite a contagious smile.

While driving in we passed the wharf and noted a local fisherman selling lobster on New Year’s eve.  Aunt Helen tells us that this fellow who lives across the street had his fish store hit by arson a few days before and also lost another building just around Christmas to arson.  He is a young fisherman who is well known and liked in the community.

After coffee we headed down with Aunt Helen to meet this fellow and hear the story, which is too long for this blog but suffice to say he is the target of someone who needs a “tune-up” real bad.  He has a young family and unfortunately was under insured.  He did say that someone tried to burn all 4 of his storage buildings down but only succeeded with one and his store which contained over $50,000 in antiques and all his new lobster traps he had placed there on Christmas day.Just when you think you have had a bad day these types of events bring back how real life is and how lucky we are.

We were actually just deciding what to have for New years supper and as fate would have it we could support this fellow by purchasing a few lobsters and at the same time enjoy a great PEI delicacy, at an amazing price.

We purchased 4 live lobsters for $25 and truly wished him and his family well.  He stated he believed that the police will certainly find the perpetrators soon and we were on our way back home to Ch’town.



2 Responses

  1. Wow. I really wish that fellow well.
    Hope you enjoyed the lobster 🙂
    Happy New Year.

    • The fellow was very interesting to listen to and had his young daughter with him selling the lobster. We certainly hope that there is quick resolution to these gutless acts of arson. Thank you for your best wishes, we had a great and quiet New Years.

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