Wow, this is our 50th post. So this one is dedicated to Roy , I can’t believe I’ll be 50 soon, Morgan!!

In the last post we espoused about Christmas and prior to that about Ewen’s knee surgery.  But what of PEI and the happenings here?!?  Well while my bestest friend in the whole world is miles away, I have had to keep busy.  Cate and Jack are enjoying our outings everyday with their red-mitts to prove it and Jack is becoming quite adept at mousing….only took 9 years!

I have been walking the beaches and looking for shells to decorate a small tree for us while Ewen has been away.  There have been plenty of shells but I have been searching for ones with small holes so that I could hang them on the tree.  The weather has been quite cooperative although the little red bulb on the thermometer has taken a dive lately…the skies have been clear.

Today as I write, snow, about 2″ has fallen – but it is now turning to rain tonight.  Either way my furry gang and I have managed to get out and collect enough shells to decorate my 2 foot – “Charlie Brown tree”.  Since most of our belongings are still in storage in B.C. I thought I would surprise Ewen and come up with some type of tree, no matter how small, for us to share this Christmas.

So here you go and tell us what you think.  Mr. Travelocity at the top is not exactly the angel we  wanted but then again, it is the thought that counts and the people whom you share it with, at least for us, that makes all the difference…


PS – Roy’s birthday is January 3rd!!



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