By lamplight….

We have some real exciting news for all coming up…..if you like exciting news, from our side anyway.

Until then we have been working diligently on our Christmas cards, getting the newsletter together, getting addresses up to date and filling the printer with lots of ink.  We sat down last night by the light of our new/old Rayo oil lamp and decided to take the Christmas spirit up a notch.  We wrote the notes and cards and wrapped a few gifts by the light of our lamp

Our lamp is courtesy of an auction two auctions ago.  Spent a few minutes, (lots of minutes) cleaning her up, emptying the old kerosene and getting non-scented lamp oil.  Shining her and making several bids on Ebay for a new white alladin lamp shade but still no new shade.  The present one has a few cracks but still serves its purpose. however tentatively.

This lamp threw off enough heat to actually keep our upper bodies warm for the time we spent enjoying preparing these items.   Maybe a bit corny but it gave us a bit of seasonal spiritual smiles and we got to try out the lamp!!..


As we write this Ewen is preparing for his trip west for surgery on his right knee.  This has all come about because of past work injuries.  He’s undergone 4 surgeries on his left knee which have been a temporary fix.   It has been a long time waiting to attempt a fix on his right knee which is over stressed by day-to-day activities.  This surgery may delay the inevitable of Ewen having to have a full knee replacement of his left knee which he abhors the thought of.  Heck, he even gets silicone based injections in his left knee in the hopes of delaying all this….but pain and time are creeping up……. (eeewww – silicone)



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  1. Good luck Ewen!!

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