This past week we had a chance to visit one of PEI’s newest (and only) wineries.   For all you sommelier’s out there, the island is coming of age with this type of industry.  We met with the owner, sommelier, grower and everything in between, Jaime Matos.  We spoke of B.C.’s wine country of which we know a bit about (not too much really) but we got the education of a lifetime on Gamay wines and the area in France of which Jaime brought his vines from.  He planted over 16,000 Gamay Noir and Chardonnay vines on 10 acres.

We toured the entire production facility, (very slow day for Jaime) and learned of his upcoming plans for a small bistro restaurant.  Although his choice of wines is presently limited his obvious love of the industry and his new business was infectious.  If you ever get the chance this is time well spent and wine well-tested!!  Still not sure of the legs thing in the glass but we did get a quick course at Summerhill wineries in Kelowna a few years ago, remember Simone!  and we headed home with a few bottles to tempt the pallet but we’re still staring at the bottles….hoping they will multiply…

New sign is coming...


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  1. I do remember and thank you for that experience 🙂

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