It really is a Cuckoo story…..

The year is 1961 or ’62, I’m sure I’ll stand corrected by a family member but I digress. Mom and I walked into a clock store in London near RCAF Centralia, Ontario.

This was a big day for mom. She had saved up and was making the last payment on a Cuckoo clock, one that would hang with pride for many years. This is where I insert the story about Ewen slamming doors in his early years including once in Courtenay that knocked the poor Cuckoo clear off its perch and onto the floor. Repairs necessary…….

Fast forward to 1982 and mom passes. The clock hung around for a bit before going into storage when dad relocated. Ewen of course was now long gone for a few years following his career path.

Fast forward to 1989 and Dad makes a road trip to Terrace, B.C. to visit from the Okanagan. He bears gifts including a few boxes of crystal items and the Cuckoo clock. Poor Cuckoo by this time is not cuckooing anymore and no clock makers in Northern B.C.

1992 finds Ewen in Kelowna in the Okanagan and voila, a clock maker who works from home. 3 weeks in clock ICU and $115 and cuckoo works even with a new deer head intact!!

The years progress and 2004 in Delaware, Ontario – Cuckoo stops days before we move back to B.C. and languished for the next 7 years and 8 moves around B.C. and back here to PEI.

Now we didn’t bring everything with us, yet, so why bring the Cuckoo. I had seen a clock maker in Charlottetown while here in July and if you have ever owned a Cuckoo there is a certain ambience that the ticking and Cuckoo add to your home.

I take my well packed Cuckoo into Taylor’s jewellers in Ch’town on Oct 28th hoping for a positive diagnosis from Mr. Greg Taylor, the owner and clock restorer. Greg looks at the poor thing and says leave it with me, no promises.

I made the call yesterday to get the update and with great joy we learned that she is up and Cuckooing again, but at what cost? Greg hands me the box and says she’s keeping good time and may need a full overhaul soon but not bad for a 50-year-old that has been through so much.

So the bill including tax – $11.75 yes that’s right and as of this morning that ambience is back in our home, even if it is a rental, it is our ambience and that really is the Cuckoo story…….Mom.


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  1. I remember that clock. Glad it’s still cuckooing. I miss your mom too 😦 … OH, and it’s blowing and snowing here today … sigh

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