For those of you who remember…

Remember Tracy’s computer screen that suffered under the gentle hands of Air Canada.  Well it’s up and running once again, avec one dent on the lid.  The screen was ordered while I was on the road and was here waiting for me when I got back…..installed and Tracy is a happy camper!


Remember we spoke of the auction this week on Facebook.  We headed up island on Saturday and did come back with a few goodies;


So why this stuff, well let’s see.  The tins were chosen by Tracy for the kitchen and are in excellent shape, will clean up well and will be used.  They reminded us both of our families kitchens.

The horn is from a Ford Model A or T and will go on my future Ride-on mower.  For those who don’t know Tracy had bought me a squeeze horn for my past ride-on and it has gone astray.

The Rayo student lamp is oil-fired and is a great storm lamp as we do lose power here.  It needs a new white globe but they are readily available.

The small cream can is for Tracy and whatever Tracy wants to use it for, maybe painting brushes??

The table is quite common out here for kitchens and will remain as is, scratches and all.

The watch is an amazing find.  Have learned a fair amount in researching Rolex watches and this watch will find a new home soon.  As soon as the agents we are working with appraise it and buy it from us.  Making a few bucks to cover our other purchases helps for sure……

Now what did we pay, ’cause we know inquiring minds and such.. you may want to google some of these items to see if we got a deal or not……

Tins – $17

Horn – $2

Rayo lamp – $15

Cream tin – $15

Table $5

Ladies Rolex – Google it and let us know what you think it’s worth



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