The Cane Mutiny….

Ewen has been fighting it and fighting it, but time has caught up.  As he waits for confirmation of surgery on his right knee, time has taken its toll.  He has been hobbling around here, using hot packs, cold packs, greases, creams, pain killers, a tens unit and whining as his way of coping.

I have had to watch (and listen) to his health go sideways a bit.  He has fought bravely slipping down the front stairs, tripping over frost heaves and tufts of grass.  His walks with us have gone from 1/2 hour to “see you when you get back…..”

Thanks to Aunt Alice-Faye his last excuse has been thwarted.  He finally has come to his senses….. his cane mutiny is over!  We’re counting down until December 7th.  This is the best Christmas gift anyone could have….. except maybe for……, aawwww never mind.

I have to go take Captain stumbles for a walk….. it’s snowing!!!  yeah!!!



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