Getting ready ….

Talking to a few of you over the past week makes us realize that we have been quite lucky with the weather in Canada.  We have been as high as 15 C and as low as -3C but overall it has been great fall weather.  One light snowfall last Friday but nothing that stayed.

The wind bites a little and we have learned a new saying, “..this winter wind is a wh%$e and she has her teeth in tonight”.

So Tracy was out and about a couple of days ago with the pups walking and old jack decides that he’s falling in love with foxes and in particular their scat (pooh)..  “Head down, drop the shoulder just so and…..roll, roll, roll….”  Having achieved the Ralph Lauren scent of fox scat he proudly runs on.

With nose plugs in hand and towels he is captured and into the house he goes.  Break out the emergency tomato juice and shampoo and double wash to make sure.  Can’t figure out the hubbub….he is quite proud, but not of the bath and juice routine.  We hadn’t used this emergency procedure since the days of old Murray and our bears in the north that she loved.

Yesterday was a chilly day but clear as we headed off the to SPCA Santa Pet Picture site in Charlottetown.  Quite an eclectic group of owners and pets.  Got a few action shots of Cate and Jack wanting to exit from Santa’s lap and we will post the results when we get them next week…

Now for all that are wondering about the house-hunting.  We are getting ready to make a decision.  We have been busy viewing lots, houses for sale and now we are starting to get a clearer picture of the real estate market here.  It is much more private and protected by agents and private sales people.  Of course in B.C. information is much more accessible on-line.   Everything from days on market to assessed values.  Not so here,  there is much more work if you are to make sure you get what you pay for.

Interesting stats:  There is a value for sale and a value for taxation.  In Stratford which is the area we are looking at the calculation is simple $1.44 per $100 value if you are a resident.  $1.94 per $100 value if you are a non-resident.  Waste management, water and sewer may or may not be on your tax bill.  Dependent on the area you live.

Over 1/2 of the real estate agents on PEI have second jobs.  It can take up to 3 days to get a showing depending again in what part of the island you live.  Value’s here are much steadier here than in the other Canadian markets at appox. 1-1/2 % increase per year.   The valuation of your property will vary with whomever you get to evaluate your property, it is that simple.

Today, Tracy is being a trooper with her cold taking over the best hours of her day.  We are off to take Cate for her 4th checkup on her eye at the Vet College.  We then are going to meet with a realtor/builder/construction consultant to learn even a bit more about the area and contracting architects and builders.  Here’s a few photos of some lots we are looking at;

Here’s hoping in the next few weeks we will have a more solid plan of attack to share with all.  Til then stay safe and warm.  We appreciate the positive responses and notes, thank you.

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